Meet the Language Ambassadors (LAs)!!

The ISLA PTO is proud to bring LAs (Language Ambassadors) to ISLA each school year.. They will be teaching about their culture and assisting the classroom teachers. They welcome contact from all ISLA families. They would LOVE to spend time with you and your children!

If you have any questions about being a host family*, an aunt & uncle family**, or would like to be involved in any other way with the LAs, please contact the LA Coordinator, Toni Chelikowsky, at You can also direct any general questions regarding the LAs or the LA program to Toni.

* Host families commit to hosting an LA in their home for one half of the school year (Fall or Spring), with the change over in January.

** Aunt & Uncle families come alongside the host family to support the LAs. This could be as simple as inviting the LA over to your home for dinner, helping with transportation, or doing something fun on a regular basis.

Airplane Taking Off

Arriving soon!

Bios on the 2016-2017 Language Ambassadors are coming soon!